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ZB-swc5   Sex Workers of Calcutta V
ZB-swc6   Sex Workers of Calcutta VI
ZB-swc7   Sex Workers of Calcutta VII
DA-sf   Shark Float
NDE-st   She tans. He sails. She swims. He surfs. She shops. He dives.
FK-ssh   Sindh Super Highway
GA-sb   Sleeping Beauty
GA-sbc   Sleeping Beauty Without the Castles
BK-spc   Space (In/Out) In An Empty Bedroom
EP-b1s4   Space Face Series (B1. S4)
EP-f4s16   Space Face Series (B1. S4)
GS-hcgl   Special Occasion Card - Geraldine Lau
GS-hcjg   Special Occasion Card - Joanne Greenbaum
GS-hcmt   Special Occasion Card - Mary Temple
GS-hcsb   Special Occasion Card - Sebastiaan Bremer
GS-hcwv   Special Occasion Card - William Villalongo
JT-sm1   Spilling Memory 1
JT-sm10   Spilling Memory 10
JT-sm3   Spilling Memory 3
JT-sm34   Spilling Memory 34
JT-sm39   Spilling Memory 39
JT-sm4   Spilling Memory 4
JT-sm40   Spilling Memory 40
JT-sm5   Spilling Memory 5
SB-s   Stardust
SM-sc   Static
JCJ-str1   Static Reverberation/String Arrangement #1
JCJ-str2   Static Reverberation/String Arrangement #2
JCJ-str3   Static Reverberation/String Arrangement #3
GR-sfl   Submerging Folds
TD-may   Summer, May 26th
GA-stb   Superman and the Birds
HH-te   Tattered Edgings
MS-acc   The Accident
DG-pmt   The Accoutrements That Come With One's Pigment
GA-hc   The Boat with the Happy Couple
GA-cwb   The Cowboy
DR-ld1   The Little Doctors #1
DR-ld2   The Little Doctors #2
DR-ld3   The Little Doctors #3
DR-ld4   The Little Doctors #4
DR-ld5   The Little Doctors #5
DR-ld6   The Little Doctors #6
JS-tw   The Woods
SL-tip   This Is Perfect
CC-tt   This Time
CC-ste   This Time In Heaven (suite of 5 prints)
WV-ttf   Through the Fire to the Limit
CM-tm   Thursday Miles
MJ-ti   Time Islands
WP-tip   Tips For Artists Who Want To Sell (new and unimproved)
SB-crc   To Joy: Circle
SB-hc   To Joy: Heaven's Canopy
BDSC-tl   Tree Line (Haiti and Dominican Republic Border)
BDSC-tr   Tree Ruins (Haitian Charcoal Field)
HF-tot   Triumph of Titus
DA-tf   Turtle Floats
AD-un2   Untitled
AD-unt   Untitled
RM-u1   Untitled (Fluorescent Women Parts) 1
RM-u2   Untitled (Fluorescent Women Parts) 2
RM-u3   Untitled (Fluorescent Women Parts) 3
GB-uo1   Untitled Outtakes #1
GB-uo10   Untitled Outtakes #10
GB-uo2   Untitled Outtakes #2
GB-uo3   Untitled Outtakes #3
GB-uo4   Untitled Outtakes #4
GB-uo5   Untitled Outtakes #5
GB-uo6   Untitled Outtakes #6
GB-uo7   Untitled Outtakes #7
GB-uo8   Untitled Outtakes #8
GB-uo9   Untitled Outtakes #9
EAB-tix   Vernissage Ticket
AC-vma   Views of the Mid-Atlantic (After Jean Julien Deltil)
CC-vt   Votary
SR-wkl   Weekly Studio Rental
DKr-ww   Winter Wines
GR-wfl   Woodfolds
DG-zn   Zambo-Negro (Perfectly Black)

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