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KS-265   #265 GOLDEN FRUIT PIN, with two lions
AS-tc7   #618 Tradecraft Concealments
DON-dhd   $100 Donation
DON-dtf   $25 Donation
DON-dtft   $250 Donation
DON-dfth   $5,000 Donation
DON-dft   $50 Donation
DON-dfhd   $500 Donation
DG-box   7-1/2 by 5-1/8 by 14-3/8
EB-bo8   A Box of Eight (The Trigrams of the I Ching)
BP-gcm   A Displaced Game of Cat and Mouse
DKa-ab   Air Blooming
SB-ab   Aquarium = Blue
HF-at   Arch of Titus
WP-am   Ars Magica
MEM-art   Artist/Student
KS-bjr333   BAZOOKA JOE, VALUE 3 COMICS, Rembrandt: #333
KS-bjr401   BAZOOKA JOE, VALUE 3 COMICS, Rembrandt: #401
KS-bjr410   BAZOOKA JOE, VALUE 3 COMICS, Rembrandt: #410
KS-bjr443   BAZOOKA JOE, VALUE 3 COMICS, Rembrandt: #443
KS-bjr445   BAZOOKA JOE, VALUE 3 COMICS, Rembrandt: #445
DO-bi   Being-In: Al, George, Ralph and Jack
SP-bbp   Bi-Borough Paralax
CP-bh   Big Hands
HSJ-for   Black Forest
SB-dtcn   Bloemen: Darwin Tulip Charles Needham
SB-hipb   Bloemen: Hollandse Iris Prinses Beatrix
SB-nps   Bloemen: Narcissus Poeticus Sarchedon
HWT-blow   Blow the Man Down
SC-bw   Book of Windows
DS-bm   BOOM! Boom
DS-dn   BOOM! Daily News
DS-st   BOOM! Sign of the Times
DS-you   BOOM! Threatened By You?
DS-tsw   BOOM! Triangle Shirt Waste
JF-bj   Brushes (Bill Jensen)
DKr-ch   Cheryl
KC-col   Colors (Blue/Red)
JCJ-compc   Components: Center Channel
JCJ-compl   Components: Left Resonance
JCJ-compr   Components: Right with Resonance at 1/3
EDR-crf   Counter Reformations
DKa-cr   Crawlers
JS-cp   Cries and Pain
JS-cwmx   Cries and Whispers for Malcolm X
DO-ddm   Dada Data Mine
SR-dly   Daily Studio Rental
HF-doe   Desolation of Empire
HF-des   Destruction of Empire
SB-dt   Diamond Tip
JB-lt   didn't I, didn't I, didn't I (one)
JB-dk   didn't I, didn't I, didn't I (three)
JB-md   didn't I, didn't I, didn't I (two)
MS-dlh   Digging the Largest Hole on Earth
JS-dvs   Dimensions Variable (Shirt)
DO-dd   Domestic Disturbance
DG-bm   Don't Fuck With Willa Mae (Big Mama) Thorton
FK-dt   Downtown Twins (Tribeca Vespas)
DT-dox   Doxycycloia: City Safe Evacuation Plan...
SM-dom   Dreams or Memories? I - Pacification of the Dead
SM-oth   Dreams or Memories? II - On the Hudson
SM-ret   Dreams or Memories? III - Rival Emperor's Tent
SM-iet   Dreams or Memories? IV - In the Rival Emperor's Tent
SP-4nb   E. 4th Near Bowery
SM-er   Easter
FK-yd   EC Yard Dog
CM-eli   Elixir
HF-ebb   Ephesus Book Burning
EAB-pt2   Extinct Leaf Page
DG-fyr   Finding Your Religion
EP-ff   Flash Forward
EP-fh   Floating Heavy
CM-sc1   For Sister Corita, v.1
CM-sc2   For Sister Corita, v.2
CM-sc3   For Sister Corita, v.3
JG-45   found object: 45 & sleeve/"At the Crossroads Again"/Ode to Mr. Johnson
JG-sho   found object: shoe/From Crusoe to Katrina
JG-uku   found object: ukulele/Off The Bounty
MEM-fr   Friend
DG-fck   Fuck
DG-fcd   Fucked
AS-fgj   Funny-Guy, Junior
DKr-gag   Gagosian
DA-ace   Game Changing
DA-jck   Game Changing
DA-king   Game Changing
DA-qn   Game Changing
DA-ste4   Game Changing
GS-GC100   Gift Card
GS-GC250   Gift Card
GS-GC50   Gift Card
GS-GC500   Gift Card
SM-ge   Glimpse
CM-gbb   Grey, Black, and Brown
CC-h   Heights
CC-hw   Hero Worship
SD-hl   home lands 14e
SR-hrl   Hourly Studio Rental
DG-phd   How To Pronounce Ph.D.
JC-igd   In a Garden Darkly
GL-78   Information Retrieval #78 (Frontier)
GL-79   Information Retrieval #79 (Buttermilk Channel)
JF-if   Inka's Floor
JF-is   Inka's Shoes
EDR-inq   Inquisitions
CL-itg   Intaglio Techniques
SM-ig   Interior with Ghosts
CL-itp   Intro to Printmaking
CL-scrII   Intro to Screenprinting
DP-ivf   IVF in India
GR-ifl   Ivyfolds
DG-jp   Jackson Pollock and the Quarry Men
KC-jam   Jamaica
DP-jan   January 19-24, 2007
SR-key   Key Replacement
HSJ-lab   Labyrinth
JS-lgc   Legacy
EP-lhi   Lever House (Indigo)
EP-lhp   Lever House (Purple)
MT-dk   Light Describing a Room (Dark)
MT-lt   Light Describing a Room (Light)
AK-l1   Liminal #1
AK-l3   Liminal #3
SB-lsb   Little Silver Breakfast
EAB-pt1   Lizard Page
EP-lbw   Look Both Ways
HF-lut   Luther
FK-mit   Made in Tripoli
TC-dsh   Mapping Notations and Gestures, Bach Suite Prelude Series: BS Pre-Dash
TC-lch   Mapping Notations and Gestures, Bach Suite Prelude Series: BS Pre-Licht
TC-non   Mapping Notations and Gestures, Bach Suite Prelude Series: BS Pre-None
TC-123   Mapping Notations and Gestures, Bach Suite Prelude Series: BS Pre-R123
TC-sam   Mapping Notations and Gestures, Bach Suite Prelude Series: BS Pre-Sam
SM-me   Marriage
SM-md   Mend
KC-met   Metropolitan
DKr-mex   Mexico
CL-mon   Monotype / Pochoir
SR-mth   Monthly Studio Rental
DG-mfd   More Fucked
RM-mc1   Mother & Child (Monoprint #1)
RM-mc11   Mother & Child (Monoprint #11)
RM-mc14   Mother & Child (Monoprint #14)
RM-mc16   Mother & Child (Monoprint #16)
RM-mc17   Mother & Child (Monoprint #17)
RM-mc19   Mother & Child (Monoprint #19)
RM-mc20   Mother & Child (Monoprint #20)
RM-mc22   Mother & Child (Monoprint #22)
RM-mc23   Mother & Child (Monoprint #23)
RM-mc24   Mother & Child (Monoprint #24)
RM-mc25   Mother & Child (Monoprint #25)
RM-mc27   Mother & Child (Monoprint #27)
RM-mc30   Mother & Child (Monoprint #30)
RM-mc31   Mother & Child (Monoprint #31)
RM-mc33   Mother & Child (Monoprint #33)
RM-mc35   Mother & Child (Monoprint #35)
RM-mc4   Mother & Child (Monoprint #4)
RM-mc44   Mother & Child (Monoprint #44)
RM-mc45   Mother & Child (Monoprint #45)
RM-mc48   Mother & Child (Monoprint #48)
RM-mc7   Mother & Child (Monoprint #7)
RM-mc8   Mother & Child (Monoprint #8)
RM-mc9   Mother & Child (Monoprint #9)
RF-36-1   MTA Redbird Series: Door Windows #36 Train
RF-36-2   MTA Redbird Series: Door Windows #36 Train
RF-36-3   MTA Redbird Series: Door Windows #36 Train
RF-36-4   MTA Redbird Series: Door Windows #36 Train
GB-mtc   Myoclonic/Tonic Clonic
SP-qc9   Near Quadrozzi Concrete & 9th St. Bridge
MDV-nq   No Quarter
WV-na   Noah's Ark
SM-ot   Orbit
SC-pg   Panagea
WP-pd   Panel Discussion
DG-125   Planning Your Fate On 125
CC-prm   Please Release Me
SM-pl   Portal
JS-pb   Pressed Blouse
JS-pc   Pressed Coat
JS-pj   Pressed Jeans
NB-pfp   Print Fields
GS-bag   Printshop Bag
GS-hat   Printshop Hat
GS-tshrt   Printshop T-Shirt
JGL-pd   Pyramid I
JL-ram   Ramification II
EDR-ref   Reformations
HWT-rbs   Rich Black Specimen (#26, #460, #21, #66)
DO-rg   Ros and Guil Do the Math
AET-scr   Scratch
EDR-set   Set of Three
ZB-swc1   Sex Workers of Calcutta I
ZB-swc2   Sex Workers of Calcutta II
ZB-swc3   Sex Workers of Calcutta III
ZB-swc4   Sex Workers of Calcutta IV
ZB-swc5   Sex Workers of Calcutta V
ZB-swc6   Sex Workers of Calcutta VI
ZB-swc7   Sex Workers of Calcutta VII
DA-sf   Shark Float

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